Thursday, July 09, 2009

Classic MetaLink vs. My Oracle Support

If you are in any way involved with supporting Oracle products, then you know that the death knell for Classic MetaLink has sounded. MetaLink will be unplugged at the end of July 2009.

The new support site, My Oracle Support, seems to be causing some pain for quite a few people in the Oracle user community.

Some of the complaints regard limited platform support due to the Adobe Flash 9 requirements, navigation and response times.

On the other hand there are some cool new features such as Power View, Configuration Manager and the new Advanced Search options.

How do you feel about it?

Here's a chance to let your opinion be know as a poll has been created where you can vote on it.

At this time 637 voters have voiced their opinion about MetaLink and My Oracle Support.

Current Poll results can be found in this Excel File: MetaLink vs My Oracle Support Results


Mladen Gogala said...

The new Metalink is a result of outsourcing to Elbonia and giving the people living in the mud and wearing funny hats the DreamWeaver.
I don't believe that Oracle Corp. will pay any attention to your little poll, no matter how disastrous the results are.

The Light In Chains said...

The problem I have is that typically I want metalink/support when things are going wrong. As such I want the lightest possible set of access requirements - plain text and html 1.1 for best. I can't see what possible improvement Flash gives other than being "fancy" for fancy's sake.

Anonymous said...

"My Oracle Support" is listick on a pig!

David Atkinson said...

Simple Talk Publishing (also responsible for is now hosting as a community service. This is based on the Q&A Stack Exchange framework. Please register and help it get off the ground!