Sunday, January 27, 2008

RMAN Usage Survey

As part of a presentation I'm preparing, I would like to get an idea of RMAN usage in the Oracle Community.

If you can spare a couple of minutes, please fill out this 10 question multiple choice survey: RMAN Usage Survey


It seems I made a poor choice of online Survey site.

To get more than 100 responses to this survey, a "Professional" version must be purchased. At a rate of 1 or 2 surveys a year (for me) that is not exactly practical.

Sharing the Survey results also requires the Professional version.

Here's a summary of the results in MS Excel.

RMAN Usage Survey Results

Thank you!


Asif Momen said...

Hi Jared,

Once the survey is completed, please update the results.


Jared said...

Will do.

Charles Schultz said...

Interesting results; thanks for posting them.

Curious why so many people do not have faith in the controlfile (in a "no catalog" scenario). We recently stop using the catalog due to performance issues.

Jared said...

There are a number of reasons to not use just the control file.

I started out with RMAN using the catalog, went to controlfile only, and went back to the catalog.

There are some good reasons for using the catalog. If you need to restore an autoback controlfile for instance, it is much easier to do so when you have a catalog.

As for RMAN performance, there are a number of ML notes on RMAN performance issues. I believe they are all bugs that are fairly easily remedied.

Kind of a sweeping statement I realize, but I don't recall seeing any show-stoppers when I checked into it (been a few months now)

Charles Schultz said...

I just came across this "Best Practice" buried in Oracle Documentation.

That documentation surprises me sometimes. =)

Jared said...

So the best practice is to:
* backup in nocatalog mode
* resync to catalog

The point being that backups are not dependent on the catalog database being available.

I guess I could turn that around and use it as 'best practice' for not using ASM. :)

Charles Schultz said...

Amen to that! =)